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Entirety of November 2016 
-Raised 800 BGN for the Angelia Foundation in support of painless blood testing of cancer for children.
-Raised awareness through the school community and got students and teachers to participate.
-Presented progress during school assemblies.
-Dyed hair with friends in order to raise awareness.

Starting a student led charity project within school.

My classmates and I with the Dean.
Getting our hair dyed.
High School Assembly
High School Assembly
High School Assembly
High School Assembly
High School Assembly

This project is an idea that spiraled around during lunch time conversations with my friends at school.


At first me and a few close friends had a bet where one of us would have to dye our hair if we lost. Even though the whole idea seemed a little crazy we wanted to do it. However later as we talked more and more of it I thought to myself, why don't we actually do all this for a good cause and raise money and awareness for charity?


So I floated the idea to my friends and they were even more excited about it. We brainstormed even more and decided that we wanted to raise awareness for cancer since November (cancer awareness month) was approaching. We decided that each of us would dye our hair a certain color to represent a certain type of cancer. Additionally we would carry out sales of donuts and freshly squeezed drinks we ourselves would make and sell.


Then we decided to get the teachers involved as well, so we asked each teacher in our school to volunteer for a contest. We gathered up to 8 of our high school teachers and got a box and wrote their names on equal divided segments on the box.


The idea was that people would vote by putting in money under the name of the teacher they wanted to win. The teach that won would have to do something crazy with their hair like we did. 

In the end we raised 800 BGN and we donated all of it to the Angelia Foundation. A charity that funds painless blood testing for children with cancer in Bulgaria.

I was also able to add this project to my Creativity Activity and Service part of the IB program and I kept a journal of it through vloging it and uploading it to YouTube, I also talk about my Swimming and Fitness journey along with it. The video can be seen below.

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