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3 days.
-Joined the NASA Space Apps competition in 2015.
-Convinced my school to join with me, along with many other friends.
-Met many entrepreneurs, engineers and designers during.
-Got to interview 
Mehmet Gölhan also the CEO of TekArabaBinelim (TAG) also one of the partners of the event.

NASA Space Apps Istanbul

Me (middle) and everyone from school
Space Apps
Space Apps
Me interviewing Mehmet Gölhan CEO
Space Apps

Joining NASA Space Apps was a great experience for me. I reached out to one of the organizers of the event Ms. Pelin Smines. I wrote her an email about myself and the projects I have worked on until then. She was very positive and impressed and she wanted me to join the event. I also mentioned the event to the director of our school Jan Ipek of Tarabya British School in Istanbul. She liked the whole idea and so people that were interested from our school signed up to go to the event. 


There I got to meet Mehmet Golhan and interview him for our school video. Later we also talked and I got to introduce myself to him and he told me about his projects ambitions and progress as a CEO. 


At the event me and a handful of my friends designed a robot that could be utilized inside the International Space Station. I reached out to people from NASA when I needed help and they were very helpful as well. 


Along the way a Kutay Karali an entrepreneur and founder of an interactive online clothing shop joined us and he worked on the idea and presentation with us. 


We presented our ideas to the jury and we were very close to being chosen for the People’s Choice award. 

Email Documentation

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