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Alcomet ad-internship


I completed my internship in Alcomet AD this July that lasted from the 10th to 28th. I was very gracious and excited to work in such an active business environment. I got to work in the Finance, Planning, Supply and Sales departments learning about various business methods and processes that gave me insight into how such a large company operates with its various parts. 

Furthermore I got attend many meetings, manage sales, learn about metal hedging and company finance. 

I would like to once again thank the friendly people in Alcomet. I was greeted very well and learned more than I could wish for. One of the greatest values I will take with me from my internship in Alcomet is the importance of professionalism, it is the standard a company sets in its market that separates it from all other ones.

I am continuing my industrial automation integration project for my internship in Alcomet AD, acting as the Project Manager/Leader for the project managing the communication between FANUC ( and the necessary experts in machinery and packaging in Alcomet AD. I have held and sat through various meeting and am continuing to work on the project. 

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