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Over summer
break (2 months)
-Attended (still attending) multiple local social events for entrepreneurs such as Silicon Drinkabouts ( and met great people.
-Developed an understanding for Artificial Intelligence and the effects it will have on our society.
-Learned about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
-Constructed a project idea with team and put it in a presentable form.
-Built the ( website after I got asked to work as a project leader for from Todor Kolev CEO of Obecto.
-Learned about making pitch decks.
- Learned about Y-Combinator. 

My Summer in Obecto as a 16 year old.


In the summer of 2016 I reached out to Todor Kolev CEO of Obecto through LinkedIn. I wrote to him about my Idea4Aid project and who I was. I got a very kind response, and he invited me to have lunch with him in a local restaurant in Sofia. 


We talked about Artificial Intelligence, a subject I was relatively new to and Mr. Kolev gave me insight into how it could and is revolutionizing the economy as we know it.


I was very moved by the ideas he presented to me, and I was quite keen on listening to everything Mr. Kolev had to say.


He talked to me about what Obecto was and what they did. Afterwards he mentioned how he was also working on another AI project that was nicknamed the Learning Tracker.


This application is very useful and in my opinion necessary for learning through the internet. In short this app allows people to learn from "lessons" created by other people. These lessons could be videos and articles. This app analyzes and keeps track of what the individual learns, the content they are exposed to and then it leads the individual to other "lessons" so they can close their learning gap in certain areas of study. 

These "lessons" could be about anything, they are meant to be prepared by certified individuals or people that are trusted by a follower base through a social platform. 

I was fortunate enough to work together with these very talented and smart people. The office Obecto operates in is called CoWorking Space by PuZl and it houses many companies including Taxi Me, Launchub and many other impressive names in the tech industry in Bulgaria.


Coming into the office every day of the summer break I got to meet the CEOs and hard working employees of these companies.


Many of the people I met knew the people that I talked to about my other projects such as Idea4Aid. The community in Sofia is very closely tied so I had many mutual contacts with many of the people I met. 


Every person I met there had a vision to create change and disrupt the industry in their own way which inspired and motivated me.


I made sure to connect with people I met through social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. I still keep close touch with people there, and I was and still am very grateful to Mr. Kolev for the experience. 

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